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Where’s that, New Jersey? LMAO


Where’s that, New Jersey? LMAO

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hooray for the ladies


who are using their fame


to get shit done


(not intended to be a complete list)

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BREAKING: SM Entertainment announces Jessica will no longer be part of Girls’ Generation



SM Entertainment has released a statement on Girls’ Generation Jessica and her statements made on Weibo. 

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Okay so let me get this straight…

I don’t know whether to believe the Weibo post by (supposedly) Jessica, however seeing how this isn’t being immediately denied is worrying. It’s generally obvious when someone is hacked and the company will just say it was hacked and the artist may/may not say it but it’s generally understood

This however is different.

Nothing is being said at all, so everybody is in this state of shock. I really wasn’t going to believe it, but then I saw the photos of GG at the airport. They’ve taken separate flights before so it’s not surprising to not see a member there, however looking at their faces tells a different story. 

Look at Hyoyeon, like seriously look at her. Her face is red and tear stained. Her hands are balled up into fists.

Honestly, I’m not surprised either way because #1: this is sm we’re talking about so… enough said.

And #2: There’s a general consensus that this is by far the worst year in KPOP.

I guess this is what happens in this kind of industry. It’s pretty fake, so for the last 20 or so years that KPOP started to rise and the well oiled machines just pumped out KPOP groups and artificial concepts, it’s not all that surprising to see it all collapse on itself

Anyways, it’s late, and I know by the time I wake up tomorrow either this thing is gonna blow over with the denial of it being true, or this may seriously be the end of KPOP. SNSD is a top-tier group, debatably the most popular KPOP group to have existed, so if it’s true this will be the official decline of KPOP.

Seriously. Right here on 30 September 2014 I’m saying that this is probably the official decline of KPOP.

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#kpop2014 no one is safe

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"quit fucking up SM."
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